Dodge Charger EZ Billet 4-Pc Overlay Grille Set

Dodge Charger EZ Billet 4-Pc Overlay Grille Set
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Product Description

Made to the same high standard as the Precision Classic Billet Grille line, these EZ grilles install with little or no drilling or cutting. This has created an entirely new market for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

What makes this line stand out is the flexibility for the installer to choose the look of the final installation. You can simply install the grill over the existing shell (which often leaves some of the shell visible through the spaces of the billet grille) or you can use a body saw to quickly remove a portion of the shell mouth (a cut that is not visible after the grille is installed) so that there is no apparent shell seen through the grille spaces of the billet grille.

* Polished aluminum grill * Easy installation * Includes all hardware and instructions

You decide which classy look you want and how you want to install. A new grille for your Charger has never been easier. Not for use with SRT-8 models.