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Dodge Charger Stainless Steel Fender Trim 06-Up
Dodge Charger Stainless Steel Fender Trim 06-Up
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Product Description

This is high-quality fender trim from TFP, the leading name in fender trim. TFP pioneered the fender trim industry more than 18 years ago and continues to set the standard today. Beware of cheap, low-quality imitations and knock-offs!

* The three close-ups above show all clips secured, mounting fender trim molding in position * Each set comes with clips in addition to screws for drill or no-drill installation * All TFP fender trim features exclusive and patented, no-drill mounting system * The only tool required for installation is a pair of hand pliers to install securely * No more scraped knuckles and frayed nerves working in close clearances between tire and wheel well for installation * No more permanent damage to vehicle fenders * Comes with TFP's 1-year warranty

A simple, 30-minute install that will brighten up your day and your ride. TFP no-drill mounting system is as secure as regular drilled fender trim. TFP fender trim has maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. Nothing else has the ability to change the appearance of your Dodge Charger with such high quality and so little effort.