Mike Yager's Corvette Bible

Mike Yager's Corvette Bible
Mike Yager's Corvette Bible
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I've always had the feeling there was a void in terms of one source of information and advice that was as valuable to the first-time Corvette buyer as it was to the seasoned owner, especially when it came to searching for and acquiring the "car of your dreams".

At our 2006 Corvette Funfest, my long time friend and renowned automotive author, John Gunnell "Gunner" laid out a game plan I couldn't resist. Next thing I know - I'm writing a book with a real "ace" as my wingman! In the forty years that I've been involved with the hobby I've talked "Corvette" with literally tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. That's probably been the best part of my job.

After a while I started to spot recurring themes in the conversations. With this book I've tried to compile and condense those themes into "buying charts" that can give anyone some direction when they want to buy a Corvette. And we do it year by year and try to address all the special editions, as well. You'll also find "Vette Facts" boxes and "Mike Yager Says" boxes that bring the whole package together for all Corvette lovers.

Economic return on your Corvette dollar investment is important, but investment plus enjoyment are the real gains you are looking for from your Corvette ownership. Read this book and follow your Corvette passion and you should never end up putting more dollars into your Corvette dream than the market will support.

Softbound; 7" x 9"; 304 pgs.