Mopar OEM Chrysler PT Cruiser Hood Bra 01-Up

Mopar OEM Chrysler PT Cruiser Hood Bra 01-Up
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Product Description

Add some extra protection to the hood of your PT Cruiser with this official Mopar Hood Bra. These hood covers are made of durable black vinyl to help protect your PT from gravel, road debris, and bugs. Custom fitted with turned under and sewn edges, these covers feature 22 oz foss backing to help protect the painted surfaces. They can be installed and removed in minutes, and allow for the hood to be opened and closed while the cover is in place.

* Features official PT logo * Durable black vinyl construction * Custom fitted with turned edges * Easy hood access * Easy installation

Featuring the PT Cruiser logo, this hood cover from Mopar will add protection and sleek style to your PT Cruiser.