2005-08 Intake System * Computer Designed Intake System For Maximum Efficiency * Knock 3.5 to 4 Tenths of a Second Off Your Quarter Mile Time * Increase Top Speed by 7 to 10 MPH

"Ram" 32 to 37 Horsepower Into Your C6 With Vararam.
"Ram" 32 to 37 Horsepower Into Your C6 With Vararam.
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Product Description

After 12 months of R&D, the C6 Vararam Intake System (dubbed The Snake Charmer for its ability to help you rid your neighborhood of pesky, 4-wheeled "snakes") is ready to help you dominate the street, strip or track. Installation is simple with just a few hand tools and full instructions. No "manual dial in" necessary - your C6 automatically dials in more performance over your first 100-200 miles of driving. Full 32 to 37 horsepower gain at the rear wheels! You will notice immediate performance gains, such as shooting off of corners, 0-60 and quarter mile time improvements, & better general drivability from 10 mph to 180 mph. Serious performance gains right out of the box - all with no programming changes. Includes a specially designed washable/reusable filter that is 30% more efficient than any other filter on the market. Bolt on some excitement!