Split Set C4 Carpets

Split Set C4 Carpets
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Product Description

Again offering split (front or rear only) C4 carpet sets. You can still order complete carpet sets, but if all your Corvette needs is front or rear carpets, that is all you order. All C4 split set carpet is pre-cut, ready to install, and comes with the bonded, original KELDAX mass back insulator. We make our C4 carpets from the same material GM used as OEM. Color, stitching, trim, heel pad placement, velcro attached in place for the floor mats and other details match OEM carpeting. NOTE: New carpets typically have a stronger color than older, faded carpets. Because you are purchasing only the front or rear carpets, there may be a color mismatch between your old and new carpet. To check the color, please request a swatch of new carpeting before you order. When ordering, specify year, color, and coupe or convertible.