Exact Reproduction Of 1986-89 Steering Wheel * Perfect For 1984-85 Upgrade To More Comfort, Better Feel And Control * Fits With No Modifications, No Adaptors Neede

Superior 1986-89 Steering Wheel For 1984-89.
Superior 1986-89 Steering Wheel For 1984-89.
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Product Description

Get a Grip ! with our thicker-styled steering wheel, as introduced on the 1986 Corvette. Perfect for the 1986-89 owner in need of a replacement, or those looking for an upgrade for their 1984-85. Available in stock black leather only. Horn buttons sold separately. No core required.

Tech Tip: When ordering a new horn button, order the button for your year Corvette. Buttons differ according to the horn contact and attachment style, rather than the steering wheel used.